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Production of cast blanks / Technological capabilities

The melting of non-ferrous alloys is carried out in the WM-40 furnace (Lithuania), steel — in modern furnaces of Mosinductor (Russia).

The company has mastered the technology of vacuum-film forms (V-process, VPF) with the use of rods. Due to the use of rods, the plant can produce shaped castings up to the IV level of complexity of the responsible use of a closed and partially open box-shaped or cylindrical-shape with a complex outline of the external surfaces.

Thermal treatment is carried out on furnaces Nabertherm (Germany), providing the whole complex of heat treatment of steels and alloys and installation for surface heat treatment, including in the protective environment of inert gases.

Products’ cross-cutting designing is introduced from rigging manufacturing to finished product. Own production of rigging on modern 3, 4 and 5 axial milling centers.

The company Orion offers:

— shaped castings, including the most important of the known black and color alloys, with dimensions up to 300×200×200 mm and weight: for copper alloys up to 50 kg, steel and cast iron up to 40 kg , aluminum — up to 10 kg;
— all kinds of heat treatment of details from steels and alloys in dimensions up to 200×150×150 mm.

Quality control

The plant is equipped with modern technological equipment, devices for input control of raw materials. The enterprise manages equipment and specialists in ultrasonic, capillary flaw detection, spectral analysis, control of mechanical properties, fully providing input, through and output inspection of the enterprise’s products.

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