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Products for rail and road transport / Technological capabilities


3-axis CNC machining, on YCM FV-125 milling machining centers (table dimensions 1320×520 mm), AWEA AV-610 (610×450 mm) with additional rotary axis. Processing of various types of materials and three-dimensional models. Processing of aluminum profiles up to 4 meters long on the special machine Emmegi Phantomatic T3A.


Machining on CNC turret lathes CK7516, NEX 108. Working with different types of materials. Automatic production of parts with feeder bars up to a diameter of 40 mm.

Waterjet cutting

Cutting metal sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 20 mm. Capable of cutting rubber, glass, granite and other materials.


Modern welding equipment is used in manufacturing of welded structures. Inverters KEMPPI Kempact 323A, Selko Genesis 3000 MTE are used for the welding of carbon steels by the MIG method, the maximum thickness of the welded metal is 16 mm. The Robotics Arc welding Arc Mate 120L is used for the welding of complex welded structures made of aluminum alloys or carbon steels, on the basis of the KEMPPI Pulse 450+ Kemppi Cool 10 welding machine, MIG, Pulse, Double Pulse welding, the maximum thickness of the welded metal is 20 mm.

The ESAB TIG 4300i AC/DC argon-arc welding machine is used for welding simple aluminum alloy structures, the maximum thickness of the welded metal is 20 mm.

Prior to welding of steel parts, all parts are thoroughly cleaned at the shot-blasting station. Parts from aluminum alloys are prepared by chemical etching in baths located directly on the welding site. The welding process is certified, employees have the appropriate qualifications.

Paint coatings

The painting and drying chamber of the Standard Nordberg Automotive is designed for painting any parts in the production. The quality of the paintwork is guaranteed by the most effective ventilation system. The chamber is equipped with a forced draft system, the air flow of which is controlled by a manual gate, thereby achieving optimum pressure inside the chamber and eliminating the possibility of turbulence, as well as ingress of external dust. Internal dimensions of the camera: 6900×3900×2650 mm.

Assembly production

Assembly processes in production are performed in accordance with the assembly methods used in the industry, or have their own new methods developed in accordance with the current level of technology development, which is accompanied by control processes, strength and tightness tests.

One of the main ways to increase the efficiency of assembly production is to reduce labor intensity, which is achieved by optimizing the technological processes of assembly, and by improving the design of assembly equipment.

The use of CAD/CAM/CAE-systems in the process of product creation is an integral part of the preparation and analysis of the design of the product, which allows the implementation of actions for the design preparation of production (PPC).

In its development of processes and recommendations, JSC “Steklomash” not only takes into account the current level of technology development, but also challenges the necessity and sufficiency of using this equipment, the complexity of approaches and other factors important for production in the current manufacturing program.

Quality control

The plant is equipped with modern technological equipment, devices for input control of raw materials. The enterprise manages equipment and specialists in ultrasonic, capillary flaw detection, spectral analysis, control of mechanical properties, fully providing input, through and output inspection of the enterprise’s products.

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